Contact / Directions

Our law firm in Hamburg are located on Alsterufer 34, 20354 Hamburg (western shore of the Outer Alster (Außenalster) in Hamburg). Our staff, Anne-Christine Dannenberg and Ute Reif, are always there to help you if you have any problems.

The contact details of our law firm are:

 Meyer-Lohkamp & Pragal
Alsterufer 34
20354 Hamburg
Tel.: 49 40/2 86 68 22-0 Fax: Tel.: 49 40/2 86 68 22-20

Email encryption

The safety of your personal data is our number one concern. We therefore offer you the S/MIME and PGP encryption methods developed by (Dr Pragal). If you wish, we can of course send your contact details to a reliable IT technician, in case you need some assistance with setting up the programmes.


 by public transport:
Our law firm are located only 800 m from the Dammtor train station which is very easy to get to whichever way you are travelling to see us. We recommend that you follow “Klein Fontenay” street, which is a shortcut when you come via the Mittelweg. By car: 
If you arrive by car, you can use the public parking area right in front of our law firm. Alternatively, there are often free parking spaces at Moorweide park. You can find our law firm after just 250 m if you take “Klein Fontenay” street.