Meyer-Lohkamp & Pragal – your criminal defence lawyers in Hamburg and throughout Germany

Meyer-Lohkamp & Pragal specialises in criminal defence, commercial criminal law and criminal tax law, and is one of the most renowned law firms in this field in Germany. The JUVE handbook has listed us for years as a “renowned law firm” in the field of commercial law (visit our JUVE-Profile), while the FOCUS magazine and the WirtschaftsWoche have both recommended us as a “Top Law Firm” for white collar criminal law for years. Furthermore, the brand eins magazine counts us among the best law firms for commercial law in Germany. Both partners are specialist lawyers for criminal law and are practising defence lawyers in Hamburg and throughout Germany.

Consultancy services offered by our law firm that specialises exclusively in criminal law are manifold, and they include classical criminal defence of individual persons, defence in complex commercial and tax criminal cases and consultancy services for companies in all matters of compliance related to criminal law.

All services we offer are based on our commitment to the highest level of quality when dealing with the client. We are motivated by wanting to achieve the best result for you always. What can we do for you?

JuVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2019/2020

The JUVE-reviewed law firm in the area of commercial criminal law

Jes Meyer-Lohkamp

Dr Oliver Pragal

The JUVE-reviewed law firm in the area of commercial criminal law

The Meyer-Lohkamp & Pragal partnership specialises exclusively in criminal law. Get an overview of our service profile.

Meyer-Lohkamp & Pragal offers all types of services, being your law boutique with special expertise in criminal law, and they range from individual to corporate defence, as well as the highest level of preventive counselling in matters of criminal law.

For emergency

In case of emergency (e.g. searches, arrests), you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year as follows: by phone: 49-179-5204014   by email: notfall@strafverteidigerhamburg.com